Dedicated to helping patients who haven’t been helped anywhere else.

For over 25 years my practice has supported the healing of people suffering from chronic pain, post-traumatic stress, sports and performing arts injuries, moms with pregnancy and childbirth related pain, and infants and children afflicted with a variety of birth-related and developmental pediatric problems. I have an international reputation for effectively and comprehensively diagnosing and treating complex, often difficult-to-solve conditions that have resisted multiple failed treatments and even surgeries.

I am board certified in osteopathic manual/neuromuscular medicine and am on the clinical faculties of two medical schools. In addition to being a fully licensed physician, as an essential part of the unique diagnostic and treatment process, I integrate extensive training in energy medicine, native American and Tibetan healing traditions, principles derived from osteopathy including biodynamics and cranial osteopathy, embryology, sacred geometry, structural and mechanical engineering, and an engineering systems analysis approach to solving complex problems. For tens of thousands of patients (since 1986), this combination of different elements has proven extremely powerful and has been the difference between their healing and continuing to suffer!

My goal is to identify your symptom at its root cause (or causes) in order to support your fundamental healing of the problem rather than to just try to put a band-aid on what hurts.

I invite you to use the form in the Contact page to email my office and present your case to me, to determine whether I might be able to help you… or you can call my office. If I am not available to discuss your case with you during my practice hours, you will be given my home phone number, and I will gladly talk with you from my home during evenings or weekends, when I can better engage you in a meaningful conversation.